League Bulletin September 2019

By Tracey Collins

League News

Hello – and welcome to the September Bulletin. Please be aware that fixtures and appointments for 7th

September are subject to amendment once the semi-finalists in the Winners Cup are known after the

third Group games on 31st August. Amendments will be notified by e-mail on Sunday, 1st September


Please remember that the ridiculous Sin Bins are now part of the Laws at Grass Roots level and referees have been instructed to use Sin Bins for offences of Dissent by word or action.


Again, just a polite reminder that the R&D expects all our Referees to wear Black Shirts in all games under

our jurisdiction.


Page 34 ADD new Referee : Number 68 COLIN BOYD, 73 Lyndhurst Avenue, Rainham. ME8 0HQ 01634 377777 (home) 07917 002353 (mobile) kingfisher18@icloud.com (e-mail)

Page 34 ADD new Referee : Number 69 MICHAEL CORDEROY, 6 Eastling Close, Twydall, Gillingham. ME8 6XT 07949 935056 (mobile) mikeijcorderoy@yahoo.co.uk (e-mail)

Page 32 REFEREE NUMBER 19 GRAHAM EDWARDS. ADD home number 01634 763445.

Page 38 ROCHESTER CITY FC Secretary is now Mark Relf, 20 Pannell Road, Isle of Grain, Rochester. ME3 0ED 07725 030767 (mobile) relfm1984@gmail.com (e-mail)

Page 39 MEDWAY ROVERS 18 FC Ground is now Hempstead Recreation Ground, Hempstead Road.


Page 39 MEDWAY STARS FC Alternative Colours are now Navy Blue Shirts, Navy Blue Shorts, Navy Blue


Page 40 PRINCES PARK FC Ground is now Hempstead Recreation Ground, Hempstead Road. ME7 3RH

Page 42 PRINCE OF WALES, CHATHAM FC have withdrawn.

Page 43 AFC HEMPSTEAD have withdrawn.

Page 44 MANGRAVET UNITED RESERVES FC. Ground is now South Park, Armstrong Road, Maidstone.

ME15 6AZ

Page 44 ANCHORIANS ACADEMICALS FC Secretary is now Michelle Hayles. 39 Edinburgh Road, Chatham. ME4 5BY 07810 675238 (mobile) anchs.michelle@gmail.com (e-mail) Colours are now White,

Purple and Black Shirts, Black Shorts, Purple Socks. Alternative Colours are now Purple, Black &

White Shirts, Black Shorts, Black & White Socks.

Page 45 GREENWAYS ACES FC Secretary is now Terry Houghton, 50 Kendall Gardens, Gravesend. DA11 0EE 07956 544656 (mobile) terencehoughton65@btinternet.com (e-mail)

Page 46 MAIDSTONE JAGUARS FC Ground is King George Playing Fields, Walnut Tree Avenue,

Loose, Maidstone. ME15 9RN

Page 46 MEDWAY ATHLETIC FC Ground is now Borstal Recreation Ground, Manor Lane, ME1 3HR

Page 46 PARK REGIS FC Now to be known as PARK REGIS REDS FC


A few very important DO’s...............

DO REMEMBER that all Match Officials and opponents are guests at your ground. Please make them

welcome. Referees Fee (£32.00) and Assistant Referees Fees (£20.00 each) MUST be offered in their

changing room BEFORE the game.

Also, two clean match footballs and Assistant Referees flags must be given to the Referee and the Club Assistant Referee should be introduced to the Referee in his/her changing room before the game.

DO REMEMBER that Referees, Assistant Referees and opponents should receive confirmation of match details (including your colours) by the MONDAY preceding the game. It is amazing how many clubs fail to

do this simple task – and end up paying a fine for late notification !

DO REMEMBER to offer all Match Officials individual refreshments at half-time. This does NOT mean offering a drink from a communal bottle – it means individual personal cartons or bottles !

DO REMEMBER that the Match Result Sheet must be completed, signed by each player, and given to the opposing team (pink copy) and Referee (yellow copy) a minimum of five minutes before tthe game. Away teams goalscorers should be written on the reverse of the top copy, which is to be sent to me within three days of the match being played. AND we do NOT operate the “Repeat Substitutions” rule (popularly known as “roll on roll off”) so you may name up to FIVE substitutes and use ALL FIVE of those named. This applies in EVERY R&D league game or league cup-tie.

Only in the Kent Junior Cup is the “repeat substitutions” rule in use.

DO REMEMBER to deal with all correspondence from the Kent FA – particularly Misconduct matters – promptly.

DO REMEMBER that the Match Result (and both team’s goalscorers) MUST be advised by the Home Club by telephone, text or e-mail to Maureen Davies between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on match-day. This applies to ALL games – including Kent Junior Cup ties even when you are playing away to a team from outside our League.

DO BE AWARE that players suspensions commence SEVEN days after the game in which they were sent-off. Even if you have not received a Misconduct Report – the suspension WILL STILL APPLY.

If you do not receive a Misconduct Report for cautions or dismissals within a week of the match

being played contact the Kent FA on 01622 791850 to ask their advice. This is the CLUB’S RESPONSIBILITY !

That’s all from me this month. Have a great season and remember – whether playing, managing, refereeing,

running the line, administrating or simply spectating – ENJOY this great game of ours.

And finally – let’s all (players and Match Officials) remember that RESPECT GOES BOTH WAYS.

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